I’m a painting vagabond. Driven by the desire to explore and grow I’m living a rather nomadic lifestyle sustaining myself by selling plein air sketches and drawing ink portraits on the street.

Working exclusively from life, painting for me is a very intimate and direct way of connecting to the nature and people that I encounter. It forces me to be in the moment, slow down, taking a close and precise look at what surrounds me and allows me to share and express my sensual appreciation of the visual world.

As this visual world, made up by light is an essential part of the universal human experience, I see realistic painting as a universal language that can be understood, or rather felt, by anyone regardless of cultural background, concepts, education or status.

Right now my focus lies in deepening my understanding of this language, studying to extend my technical abilities, not with the illusion that there will be an end to learning and practicing, but to build a strong foundation for my future work.